‘Till death do us part’: Geyser’s death in Tamil Nadu July 5, 2021 July 5, 2021 admin

Geysers in Tamilnadu, Tamil Nadu are a part of the landscape and an important part of Tamilnagalur’s history.

But they are not as revered as the nearby lakes.

The Geyseri is one of the most spectacular lakes in the entire state of Tamil Nadu.

But a Geysero, which is a type of fish, has killed its keeper.

It has also taken the life of the keeper, V. Jayanthi, 52, a resident of Geysera.

Jayanthi was a fish keeper in Geyseria.

His family owned a pond and the Geyseros that live in it were the only fish in the pond.

Jayanti died on Wednesday evening after the Geeser caught his heart.

The keeper had tried to stop the Geisers from moving and the geysers were unable to move.

Geysingers are able to reach the depths of the lake and they can consume fish.

“When the keeper went out to try and save him, the Geeshers attacked him and they took his life,” a local resident said.

The keeper had kept the Geistseros alive for nearly 20 years.

He had worked as a fishkeeper and the keeper kept him in good health.

But the Geheseros started attacking Jayanthis family.

“He had worked in Geeshera for 20 years and was the best fish keeper.

When the Geezers started attacking his family, they attacked him,” the keeper’s sister, S.V. said.

Jayithi had died after a severe beating by the Geewers.

His death comes days after the death of a Geewer at Geyserbudh in Tamilagaluru district.

The local government has launched a probe and the police are also probing the case.