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The Washington Post | March 21, 2019 11:59:10With a name like Faith Brown, you think she’s a doll.

But Faith Brown is actually a doll, according to a new biography that details her life and her journey.

The book, “Faith Dancing Doll,” is being published by Scribner and will be released on Wednesday.

It tells the story of Brown, a black woman from the South who grew up in a religious home in rural Mississippi.

It follows her as she traveled the country in her 20s, studying music, writing poetry, performing as a musician and even performing as an entertainer.

In the book, Brown said she was inspired to take up dancing after her mother died when she was 4.

Brown said it was her mother who encouraged her to pursue a career in music, and that her mother told her that if she wanted to dance she needed to get a dance teacher and that it would be a great way to keep the spirit alive in her.

“She taught me that the best thing I could do for myself was to get out there and dance,” Brown told The Washington Report in a phone interview from her home in Birmingham, Ala.

“It’s one of the most powerful things that you can do.”

It’s been nearly two years since Brown began her life as a dancer.

She said she learned her craft in church, but in order to keep it alive in the community she chose to become a teacher.

“As a teacher I had to teach the community what was going on in the church,” Brown said.

“And so it kind of became my job to tell the story.

I would teach about what was happening, I would explain why it was happening.”

Brown moved to Atlanta, Ga., in 2016 to pursue an art degree at the University of Georgia.

While there, she said she began her journey to becoming a dancer after meeting her husband, who she met while attending the University at Buffalo.

“He just seemed so much like a real person, like he could have a life,” Brown recalled.

“I was like, this is so amazing.

I feel like I’m living it.”

Brown said she wanted her husband to be a role model for her, so she wanted him to be able to be someone that she could look up to as an example of someone who was able to achieve her goals.

“I think my husband, the role model that I really wanted for me, was the only one I could see,” Brown explained.

“That was really the main motivation for me to get into dancing.”

Brown began dancing at age 16 and began performing as soon as she was able.

She began performing at weddings, and later, her first dance, at the age of 17.

Brown’s journey was a one-man show.

She said she made her debut as a full-time dancer at the local high school dance recital in 2015.

In 2016, she won the Miss Georgia Teen USA pageant and was voted the best dancer in the state.

But that year also marked the beginning of her struggles as a young woman.

“At that point I was living on the street,” Brown remembered.

“But I did not have any of the clothes that I had in my closet.

I was wearing jeans and t-shirts.”

In the beginning, Brown would take her mother to church services and the pastor would tell her that she needed the right clothes, but she was still in the closet.

“When I got out of the church and I started to really embrace who I am, that’s when I started feeling comfortable enough to take on the dress code,” Brown recounted.

She decided to dress up as a black doll for the church.

Brown said the church made her feel comfortable and safe.

She was so proud of herself that she was performing on the Sunday school dance team.

“It was very humbling to have a young black woman representing me and my community,” Brown continued.

“Because my community is predominantly African American, it’s a community that was very welcoming to me.

And to have someone representing me on the church team was really empowering to me.”

Brown is now married and has two children.

She is currently enrolled in the Georgia State University’s School of Dance and Performing Arts and plans to pursue her music degree.

In 2018, Brown began to work with the National Association of Black Christian Churches to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

She continued her studies and also began writing poetry.

The first book Brown wrote about her journey, “Dancing Dolls: My Journey Into Dancing,” came out in 2016.

Brown says she wrote the book to share the story with others who may be struggling with the same issues.

Brown, who lives in Birmingham with her husband and three children, said the book will be a tool for her to talk about her story and the challenges she faced as a person.

“There are so many things that I want people to know about me that are not in the book,” Brown