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A new poll by the Faith Hill-based FaithGreen Research Institute shows that only 37 percent of evangelicals agree with the statement, “I am a Christian, or that I belong to a Christian denomination.”

That is down from 43 percent in 2012.

A majority of Christians, 57 percent, say that they are “not affiliated with any particular faith.”

More than half of evangelicals, or 54 percent, are “very conservative,” with 21 percent of those who say they are not conservative “very liberal.”

Only 9 percent of the religious are “moderate.”

The poll found that evangelical Christians are divided along ideological lines.

Sixty-seven percent of Evangelicals said that the Bible should be interpreted in a way that “gives God full and equal authority over all things,” while only 30 percent of Catholics and 32 percent of mainline Protestants agreed.

The poll also found that only 21 percent think that Christians should teach about homosexuality.

More than a quarter of all Americans agree with that statement, while 36 percent disagree.

One in three Evangelicals (34 percent) said that people of other religions should be allowed to worship in places of worship in the U.S. Another 21 percent say they “would be okay with it.”

More evangelical Christians say they believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Nearly six in 10 (58 percent) say they feel like Jesus is “living today.”

About half of all evangelicals (52 percent) believe that “the Christian Bible is the final authority for what is right and wrong in our lives,” while just one in five believe that it is “the final authority.”

More Evangelicals believe that the “Christian faith” is the “only valid religion in the world,” while another 21 percent believe that other religions are “valid” but not “true.”

But there is some good news for Christians.

About two-thirds of Evangelical Christians (67 percent) and one-third of Catholics (34 and 26 percent, respectively) say that people should be able to express their faith without judgment.

The Faith Hill survey was conducted online from November 20 through December 15, 2016.

It included 1,002 respondents, including 691 self-identified Evangelicals.