How to find the best memes on Twitter July 25, 2021 July 25, 2021 admin

On the day of the presidential election, the biggest memes on the internet are about Donald Trump and his campaign.

Some of them are really funny, some of them have been shared thousands of times.

Here’s a look at how to find your favorites.1.

The “Trump meme”Trump meme is the name given to the popular meme of President-elect Donald Trump.

The meme was created by artist @davidej_pucci, who was also the artist behind the viral GIF of Trump talking about how he’d never get a divorce.

Trump said at the time that his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka are divorcing because he’s too rich and powerful.

The viral GIF was shared more than 1.7 million times by December 20, 2018.2.

The “#BlackLivesMatter” memeThis meme was posted by artist, actor and comedian Aisha Tyler.

The post, titled “#BlackMatter,” was a reaction to the election results.

It read, “We’re the most oppressed people in the world, you know that.

The #BlackLandsMatter movement started when I saw a tweet by one of my favorite artists, Aisha, that said, ‘There is no such thing as #BlackMeter.’

I’m so proud of her.

And it was a response to Trump winning the election.

We should all be proud of that, right?

I thought she was brilliant.”3.

The memes about white nationalism, white supremacists, white supremacy and other white supremacist memesThe Trump meme has been retweeted over 1.8 million times.

It’s also the most shared meme of all time, at 2.5 million, according to the data provided by Trending Micro.

But a lot of the memes are about white nationalists.

Some are about how the election was rigged against Trump, others about how black people are a problem.

The most popular of these memes is this one: “What does it take to become a white nationalist?,” with this caption: “I don’t know, I’ve never met a white supremacist.”

The most retweeted of these “white nationalism” memes is #whitepower, with over 1,800,000.4.

The white supremacy memeThe Trump memes are often about Trump’s white nationalist views.

In fact, one of the most popular memes on Reddit, titled “Trump is the white nationalist who is now president,” has been shared more times than any other meme.

The popular meme is called “Trump, the white supremacist,” and it reads, “Donald Trump is a racist, a white nationalism nut who wants to bring all the white people into the United States.”5.

The Trump memes about gun controlThe most popular Trump meme is this meme that reads, “#Trump, gun control is dead, gun owners are not safe.

#SaveOurConstitution,” which has been featured more than 8.3 million times and has been liked more than 7.5 times.

But the memes about guns aren’t always about gun safety.

The more popular memes about “Trump gun control,” for example, include “The Trump gun control meme,” “Trump’s gun control memes” and “Trump memes about his gun control.”6.

The racist memeThe most retweeting Trump meme on Reddit is called “#TrumpRacism is Dead,” with more than 4.2 million shares and more than 2.1 million likes.

The video posted by @rachel_baker on October 27, 2018, has garnered over 1 million likes, and the tweet that accompanied it has been posted more than 200,000 times.


The anti-Trump memeThe “anti-Trump” meme is a tweet with the caption, “Trump says he loves his white friends and won’t be racist anymore.

But if he really did love his white fans, he wouldn’t be so angry and so mean to them.”

Trump responded by calling the anti-racist meme “disgusting” and saying that he was “sick of it.”

It has received more than 6,800 retweets and more more than 5,300 likes.


The Islamophobic memeThe anti-Islamophobia meme is also the second most retweet in terms of shares, at almost 2.3 times.

The first meme is titled “#Trump’s Islamophobia memes.”

Trump tweeted the tweet “Islam is not a religion, Muslims are people.


It is a religion.

Period,” with a link to the story in the Times of London.

He later apologized for the tweet, saying he was not trying to offend anyone.


The alt-right memeThe alt-righter meme is another popular meme, with more over 645,000 shares and over 3.6 million likes on Reddit.

It reads, “@Trump: I love my white friends.

But I love the fact that I can’t have a relationship with my black friends.”

The alt alt-lighter is one of several memes featuring the alt-lightning symbol.


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