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Faith Jenson’s husband, Faith Leonard, has a story to tell about how his faith can be a dangerous thing.

In the years leading up to his wife’s death, Leonard experienced a profound change in his life.

The two were in the midst of a divorce and had just completed a new baby.

As a result, the couple was looking forward to the new year with anticipation.

But in March of 2014, Faith suffered a heart attack and passed away in her bed.

Faith was the mother of three, and the love she had for her family was not in vain.

For the next six months, Leonard mourned Faith with prayer, fasting, and meditations.

For months, his family and friends searched for answers about Faith’s death and her legacy.

When Leonard and Faith met, they quickly realized their relationship could be healing.

“Faith had no idea how much I love her,” Leonard told Fox News.

After a quick phone call to his attorney, Faith’s parents arranged for a private meeting with Leonard. “

Leonard has always been an activist for the LGBT community, and Faith’s family was the first to hear about his activism.

After a quick phone call to his attorney, Faith’s parents arranged for a private meeting with Leonard.

Leonard told his story to Faith’s mother, Mary Beth Leonard, and they began a friendship.

“And she said to me, ‘He’s always there for me, even though I’ve had to put up with so much. “

She said, God doesn’t want to hear anything about her death, but if you want to be with him, you need to come out, and that’s how she knew she was going to come to love him,” Mary Beth said.

“And she said to me, ‘He’s always there for me, even though I’ve had to put up with so much.

He’ll never let me down.'”

As a pastor, Leonard works with thousands of people in the LGBT and civil rights communities, and his church, Trinity United Church of Christ, was a regular participant in the annual Pride celebrations.

The couple also became close friends, and on May 18, 2015, Faith was killed in a car accident in Houston.

After hearing of Faith’s passing, Mary and Faith immediately decided to take action.

On June 9, 2015 they opened the Rev. Leonard’s church to the public.

The event was an emotional moment for the entire family, but especially for Faith.

“We’ve been very touched by the outpouring of support,” Mary said.

“[Faith] was a beautiful person.

She was a great person.

Her death was very difficult for us, and we just want to come together as a family to try to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”

As the anniversary of Faith Leonard’s death approached, Faith asked Mary and her husband to attend a church service that morning to honor the life of the pastor.

In a private service, Faith, Mary, and their two sons stood in the pews.

As the congregation sang hymns and prayed, Mary recalled the last words she spoke to Faith before her death: “Thank you for everything you have done, thank you for all you have been through, thank You, Father.

I love you, I love God.

I’m going to be there when You call me.”

After a brief prayer, the Revs.

Leonard and Mary Leonard, who is also the pastor of Trinity United, were invited to speak at the service.

In their speech, they recounted Faith’s story and urged their congregation to support her legacy, which they called “the church’s own miracle.”

“As faith leaders, we’ve seen faith leaders and others make their own sacrifices and come through with great success, but we’ve never been able to see that with faith leaders,” Mary told Fox.

“It’s a gift, and it’s a blessing, but you have to be strong enough to be able to share that with others.”

A year later, after seeing her husband’s legacy on TV, Mary said she was inspired to create a group for other LGBTQ people to come and speak at their churches, and began to ask the same questions that her husband did.

“The more we talked to each other, the more we realized we had a responsibility to listen to people who have a different story to share,” Mary explained.

“So I started to create that group, and I got to know so many of the LGBTQ people that were there that day, and so many that came and we saw so many different stories.

And then we started to see our own stories, and then we got to see how others see them and what it means to be a Christian.”

The Rev. William Leonard, the pastor and a minister in Trinity United’s community, has worked tirelessly to educate his congregation on how faith can lead them to love and support others.

“You can find that in every Christian church, you see