The Bible says Islam is a false religion August 3, 2021 August 3, 2021 admin

An Arabic proverb states, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, believes in the Quran and the life of Muhammad.”

The Bible also says, “Allah is the Most High, the Most Great.”

It says Allah created humans as a “race of men” and, “Men were created by Allah as He created the worlds.”

The Quran also says that Allah created human beings as “a race of animals.”

And the Bible says that God “created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him.”

The Hebrew Bible says, “‘Man was created after the image and likeness of God.'”

The Bible’s Bible is the word of God.

Islam is an alternative faith that does not follow the Bible.

It is the religion of the people who have been oppressed by Islam.

The Koran contains several verses that say Muslims are not true Muslims and are liars.

Islam says, The word of Allah (the word of Muhammad) is more accurate than the words of men, because it is the tongue of God (the Word).

The Quran contains verses saying that Allah “has sent down to mankind a clear and absolute decree that the Quraysh should be destroyed, and that no one should worship or associate with them, nor associate with anyone from among them except in Islam.”

It also says in Surah 2:191, “The Muslims are the descendants of Abraham and his progeny, and they are heirs of the Prophets and their progeny.”

Muslims are called to be believers and to follow the “true faith.”

Islam says that the Quran, Hadith, and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad are “absolute,” “absolute truths” that “are to be accepted and followed” by all Muslims.

Muslims are also commanded to “obey” their “prescribed duties and rules,” such as paying taxes, obeying the law, not killing anyone, not engaging in “unlawful” behavior, and not “showing any kindness” toward non-Muslims.

Islam also says Muslims are required to “uphold the religion and uphold the law.”

Muslims must follow the rules of the Quran or face “grave consequences.”

Islam also forbids Muslims from observing “any festivals, festivals of idolatry, or religious festivities.”

Muslims have been instructed to obey the rules set forth in the “Sunnah,” which is “an absolute, permanent guide.”

Islam prohibits Muslims from praying and fasting.

Islam prohibits non-Muslim women from wearing the veil or covering their heads.

Muslims must observe the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca, which is a time when Muslims pay the price of admission to heaven.

Muslims have to pay Zakat, which pays the Islamic tax, to Allah for all Muslims’ needs.

Muslims may not engage in homosexual acts, which includes homosexual sex, adultery, and sexual intercourse with animals.

Muslims cannot pray in public, unless they are accompanied by a Muslim woman, and Muslims must be in a state of prayer when they pray.

Muslims also must observe fasting and a minimum of two consecutive days of prayer.

Muslims can never have sex without permission of a Muslim man.

Muslims, on the other hand, are allowed to have sex if they marry a Muslim.

Muslims and non-Islamic people can marry.

Muslims who marry non-muslims are not required to convert to Islam, as they are not considered Muslims by Islam and are not allowed to convert back.

Muslims of other faiths are permitted to marry and adopt children.

Muslims should not practice polygamy.

Muslims receive a reward of Zakat when they marry non Muslim women and convert to Muslim.

Islamic law prohibits divorce and remarriage.

Muslims do not have the right to divorce or remarry.

Muslims only have the obligation to pay taxes.

Muslims pay Zakak to the Kaaba, a Muslim shrine located at Mecca, and the Islamic State, a terrorist group, and other Muslim groups.

The Quran says Muslims can not have children.

It also forbids the “pollution of women.”

Muslim women are required not to wear the hijab, or head covering.

Muslim women must not have tattoos, piercings, or facial piercments.

Muslim men must not be allowed to marry non Muslims, although they are allowed “to have relations” with them.

Muslims don’t have the authority to divorce.

Muslims in a Muslim marriage are not permitted to remarry and to remarry only their Muslim spouse.

Muslims “may not take a slave, nor beget children.”

Muslims cannot have children of their own.

Muslims pray five times a day, except for Friday and Saturday.

Muslims’ mosques and holy shrines must be shut for three months each year.

Muslims spend three months in Mecca.

Muslims eat the Muslim diet, but they must limit their intake to two portions of food a day.

Muslims refrain from drinking alcohol.

Muslims abstain from eating pork, fish, or poultry, except in certain circumstances, such as for a funeral.

Muslims live under the rule of a local Islamic leader, who is considered to be “legitimate.”

Muslim prisoners must