How to pray for the health of your children August 11, 2021 August 11, 2021 admin

The Pope has called for prayer of hope and faith for the young children of the world.

The Pope said that “children of the World are the first generation to have the courage to make the choice to leave the world in a healthier condition.”

He said that this decision is the right one for them and for their future.

“We are all the ones who must make the decision of the life and death of the children and the future,” he said.

In his encyclical on children, Pope Francis called for a “deep reflection on the possibility of a new world,” a time of “a new humanity,” where all “have their own place” and a world in which “no one is more important than everyone else.”

“I know this is a very difficult time for the world, but I am confident that we must be strong and firm in our convictions, in our hopes, and in our commitment to live a life of love and hope,” he wrote.

For his part, Pope Benedict XVI said that Pope Francis’ exhortation to “begin the process of love” was a “strong and powerful message that speaks of the need for the re-emergence of the Church.”

He called the Pope’s exhortations “instrumental” in the reformation of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis called on Catholics “to be united in the care of all of humanity” and to “give the greatest possible effort to bring about a new future.”