Faith Ordway says she is ‘very proud’ of her husband’s work ethic and will continue to help others August 26, 2021 August 26, 2021 admin

A devout Episcopal wife of a former U.S. attorney says she will continue working for her husband, former U,N.

ambassador, and current Republican U.N. candidate as a political consultant.

Faith Ordway, who was a lawyer before joining the church, said her husband and former U.,N.

Ambassador, Antonio French, will not be the last Americans to leave the country for good.

Faith has also been helping others during her time as a U.A.E. activist.

She said she will still work with her former colleagues to help them find jobs, but her focus will now be on those who need her.

“I think a lot of what I’m doing now is just putting my heart into the work that we’re doing, and trying to make sure that those people are working hard and are making the most of their opportunities,” she said.

In recent months, the U.K. government announced it would cut the number of U.

Ns in the country to one from a planned 1,500.

U.N.-led negotiations to end the conflict in Syria are also getting a boost, as a senior British diplomat said on Wednesday that the country could be ready to meet its commitment to give up its stockpile of chemical weapons.

The announcement came as a deal with the United States was announced on Wednesday to end Syria’s civil war and allow for the transfer of the chemical weapons stockpile to Russia, which is hosting Syrian rebels in the conflict.