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By The New York Times StaffThe New York City Catholic diocese, with the help of a group of local clergy, has set up a task force to investigate the Church of Scientology.

The effort is led by the diocese’s archbishop, Fr.

Robert Bellarmine.

The group will meet on Saturday to address the issue of how the church has handled allegations of abuse against its clergy.

The church, which has about 30,000 members, has been in crisis for several years, and its leaders have admitted that some of its leaders abused children, including children who were taken from their parents to the church.

The diocese has been under scrutiny since last year after it was revealed that a former parishioner, David Miscavige, abused children for years.

In a letter to members last year, the archbishop acknowledged that Miscavigo “continues to have the opportunity to exercise his position of trust and influence in the church” and that he “does so on a very large scale.”

In recent years, the church’s leaders have been under increased scrutiny for the abuse of children.

Last year, Miscaviges ex-wife, Katie Holmes, revealed in a new book that Miscavaiges former church attorney was a convicted child molester.

Miscavages own children have also come forward.

The archbishop announced on Friday that the church had formed a taskforce to investigate abuse allegations against its own priests and bishops.

Bellarmina says that “in order to address any issues that may arise in the future,” the diocesan bishops will conduct an internal investigation.

The investigation will take place within the church itself.

The new investigation is being led by two senior officers, Frs.

Andrew Colangelo and Michael Gagnon, both former members of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

According to the Times, Bellarmines letter announcing the task force noted that he and Gagnons “are not affiliated with the church, but have served in positions of responsibility in the archdiocese.”

The archdiocesan leaders have not released a full list of those named to the taskforce, which will also include a former bishop, Monsignor Michael Piazza, who has since resigned.


the diocaustion, the task group will report to the archbishops office, which in turn will oversee the internal investigation by the bishops office.

The task force will be led by Frs Colangelo, who is now an associate professor at the Georgetown University Law Center.

“We are very excited to have this team join the Church,” Bellarmino told the Times.

The New Jersey diocese also announced that it had formed an oversight committee that would investigate allegations against the diacesan clergy.

“The church has an obligation to address allegations of clergy abuse and to act with integrity in protecting the children who are victims of these crimes,” said the diarocese’s statement.

“There is no room for any other position of authority within the clergy or the church in New Jersey.”

The Vatican has been working to address abuse allegations in the Church for decades.

Last fall, Pope Francis launched a task to address sexual abuse within the Church, with a focus on the hierarchy and senior church officials.