Faith Bible Institute launches online classes, book club for atheists September 6, 2021 September 6, 2021 admin

Faith Bible institute announced it would launch an online book club and book club service on Sunday, aiming to help those who are questioning faith find resources for discussion.

In a blog post, the group said it had set up an online community on Facebook to offer a place for people to connect with others who are interested in being an atheist or agnostic.

The group said they have already received “thousands of submissions” from people who want to join the “Atheist Bible Club” or other groups.

The service will feature an interactive learning experience with audio and video lectures and other materials to help atheists find the right resources, including books and other resources to support their questioning.

The Faith Bible group also has a podcast, The Avant, which offers podcasts and podcasts hosted by secular atheists.

The book club, which will be offered for free to members, will have a number of titles available, including “Faith and Reason: A Guide for Atheists,” “Faith Bible Institute: An Introduction to the Faith Movement,” and “A Guide for New Atheists.”

It will also offer resources to help people get started in a discussion about atheism and spirituality.

The website will also host an “Ask a Faith Bible” section where members can ask questions and discuss faith.

In addition to offering the books, the site will also include podcasts and other audio content to help the community get to know each other.