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Faith Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky, is facing a potential lawsuit by a disgruntled former employee who claims the church has violated his constitutional rights.

The story first broke on Fox Sports 1’s website Sunday night, with Fox Sports’ Bryan Curtis reporting that the former employee claims the Louisville, Ky.-based church violated his rights by disciplining him without his knowledge or consent.

Fox Sports has not confirmed the story, but in an email to The Huffington Post, Curtis told the outlet that the employee’s allegations are “completely false.”

“We take seriously our obligation to our customers to protect them from fraudulent, fraudulent and deceptive business practices,” Curtis wrote.

“We take our responsibility to protect our customers seriously.

We will not tolerate such conduct.”

The employee, who requested anonymity, told Curtis that he had no idea that he would be disciplined and that the church was aware of the allegations, but had no knowledge of the disciplinary process.

The employee alleged that he was told to file a grievance with the church in the hopes of having his case heard, but was told that no complaint would be made, according to Curtis.

He told Curtis, “This is the kind of church that I know I can trust.”

The church’s current pastor, Rev. Gary Davis, issued a statement to Fox Sports stating that he is “disappointed and deeply concerned” by the allegations and that he has spoken to the employee.

“He should have been aware of our policies and practices regarding disciplinary action,” the statement read.

“As the pastor of a faith-based church, he should not have been disciplined for his concerns.”

Davis added that he will speak with the employee about his concerns and “explain the church’s policy and processes to ensure compliance.”

Fox Sports will not be naming the employee, but has confirmed that he received disciplinary letters from the church last year.

The church also issued a news release earlier this week, saying it would conduct an internal investigation into the incident.

Fox has not announced any further comment on the situation, although Curtis did provide a link to the full Fox Sports News release.