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You may be thinking, what the heck does a church have to do with anything?

But it’s a question that will be answered in the upcoming season of Faith, as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LCMS) hosts a special special event for the faithful to receive and share their gifts and experiences.

The event, titled “Receive Your Gift,” will take place at the Church’s headquarters in Salt Lake City on Sunday, Feb. 27.

The event will be hosted by LDS Bishop Jerald and Sandra Tanner, and will feature a presentation on how the Church has been a source of strength for the family through the years.

“It’s a very important event to celebrate, especially with the blessing of a beautiful, loving, dedicated and faithful LDS family,” the event’s organizers, the LDS Church’s Center for Family and Community Service, said in a release.

“This is a chance for the members of the Church to share their personal and professional experiences and their own unique stories and experiences that have been brought to light through the Church.

The celebration will also give members of our community a chance to share in the celebration of life, hope, and the gospel.”

Each year the Church hosts its “Reach Your Gift” event, which also honors a special family member who has been serving in a leadership role in the Church, said Church spokeswoman Emily Brown.

“The event is a wonderful way for families to share the gospel, honor their loved ones and celebrate the importance of serving others,” she said.

“It’s also a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what they’ve been through, and learn from each other and their family.

We hope it will be a fun and meaningful way to spend the day together.”LDS members will be asked to wear an LDS clothing or tie during the event.

The tie will be worn by one of the invited guests.

“Your gift will come from a heart-felt love, and from the love of Jesus and the Savior,” the invitation reads.

“If you have an idea that you think will be beneficial to your loved ones, please let us know and we will consider your suggestion.”

There will be plenty of fun and activities to be had, including a free concert, an LDS family day at the Salt Lake Zoo, a musical, a photo booth, a live music and video panel and a free yoga class.

The LDS Church has previously hosted such events at its headquarters in Chicago and St. George, Utah.

The Church’s special event also will celebrate the life of a member of the faith.

The special event will celebrate family members who have been serving, including:An LDS church elder who was a teacher in the LDS School for the Deaf in the early 1900s.

A missionary who served in India.

An LDS family member whose family came to the U.S. from Indonesia in the 1960s.

An employee of the LDS Welfare Service who served as a teacher and parent of two children in a small village in Uganda.

An LDS member who was the first woman to be ordained as a bishop in the church.

An elder in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, who served for 30 years.

An employee of a family-owned company who was in charge of a new manufacturing plant in the Salt River Valley in Utah.

An elementary school teacher in an elementary school in South Dakota.

An elementary school parent in the state of New Mexico.

An aunt in the family of a U.N. peacekeeper in the Philippines.

An American-born missionary who worked with humanitarian organizations in Somalia.

An aunt in a church-sponsored home-schooling program in South Africa.

An ambassador from a U,S.-based humanitarian agency working with African leaders.

An aide to an American family who has served in the U,N.

and in the United Nations.

An associate professor of political science at the University of Utah, who has taught about the church for nearly three decades.

An executive at the LDS Institute of Religious Education, who also served in its mission field.

An adjunct professor at Brigham Young University and a professor of religion at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

An assistant professor at the Mormon Institute of Religion, who teaches the history of Mormonism, including its teachings and history.

An instructor in a seminary.

An author and editor of the Mormon Studies Journal.

An author of a book on the Church titled, “How to Love and Serve the Lord.”

An author of an LDS biography, “Mormonism: A Family Story.”

An adjunct professor of sociology at the College of William & Mary.

An associate professor at BYU’s Brigham Young School of Theology.

An adjunct teacher at the Brigham Young International School of Religious Studies.

An attorney, a graduate of BYU and the Brigham & Women’s Institute of Mormon Studies, and an assistant professor in the School of Law at BYU.

An executive at a company that offers legal services to the LDS church.

An assistant professor of international relations at the State University of New York at