AUSTRALIAN BABY RAN ON ‘A NEW WORLD ORDER’ as parents fight to keep him safe October 8, 2021 October 8, 2021 admin


— Australian dad Justin Hermans wife, Good Faith Violation, was recently detained for the second time since he returned to the United States.

A federal judge in Oregon on Friday sentenced the 28-year-old father to six months in prison after prosecutors charged him with violating his probation and filing false statements under oath in an effort to obtain his son’s arrest warrant.

Hermans wife and her son, now 20, were both charged with conspiracy to violate Hermans probation and obstruction of justice for violating a protective order.

The FBI began investigating Hermans and his wife when they returned to Australia in 2014 after the pair were denied bail in an unrelated case.

After his arrest, Hermans was placed in a holding cell and charged with two counts of filing false statement under oath.

He is also facing an obstruction of the peace charge for threatening to shoot his wife, Amber Hermans, in an apparent effort to prevent her from going to a conference for mental health treatment.

During the first court appearance in June, Hermas’ attorney argued that his client’s return to the U.S. would not endanger him and that the charges were politically motivated.

“The FBI investigation is nothing more than a cover-up and a witch hunt,” attorney Mark R. O’Connor said.

In October, Herms wife and son pleaded not guilty and were released on bail.

Prosecutors said in a motion filed Friday that the FBI’s investigation had resulted in the release of more than 2,400 confidential informants.

At the time, the bureau said it was still reviewing the case.