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Answers in Genesis pastor, David Pasek, recently made headlines for saying that if a believer’s faith is “broken” in this life, then they should not even consider being baptized again in the next.

His sermon drew a storm of controversy, with many pointing out that his beliefs could be “unjustified.”

He also appeared to make an implicit threat to people who question their faith.

For more than a year, I have been a member of the Baptist Church in America.

This denomination of Protestant churches has a history of welcoming people who are open-minded, honest, and Christian.

Our mission is to serve God’s people by sharing His Word.

For those of us who do not have a denomination that shares our mission, it is easy to become cynical about those who are not believers.

In this day and age, it feels as if every church is preaching the gospel, and our churches are not meeting our needs.

When we ask our leaders to preach the gospel to those who might not believe, they tend to be silent.

The Bible is a powerful source of truth, and as believers we are obligated to be ready to listen to and understand all of the words of the Bible.

To truly be an effective pastor, we need to be able to discern what our pastors are saying about what God wants us to believe, and what they are teaching us.

We need to see God’s love in all of our lives, and in our interactions with people and the world around us.

As a pastor, I am a humanist who believes that there is a God.

As I work to lead my congregation in service to this love, I pray that I can make my preaching clear to those around me.

But as I share my faith with my congregation, I know that the Bible does not tell me what to do or what to believe.

Rather, it reveals to me what God desires of us.

For me, being a human is about being human.

My life is full of opportunities to share God’s truth with people.

I am able to share the truth of the Gospel with people because God is a loving, merciful God who gives His only Son to make our lives more complete and full of joy.

That is why I believe the Bible is so powerful.

I know how important it is for me to make the Bible as clear as possible.

I also know that many people will not have access to the Bible if they are not committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Scriptures do not teach us how to live our lives.

Rather they tell us how we can live our faith and love our neighbors.

If you are a Christian who is a member in good standing at a Baptist church, I encourage you to read the Bible to understand what God’s purpose for the lives of His children is.

If the Bible teaches you to do good deeds, that you love others, and are a person of service, then the Bible should be in your life.

But if the Bible doesn’t teach you how to love and serve others, then it cannot teach you what to say or do.

We should be open-hearted about what we believe and share it with others.

I pray for those of you who have questions about this topic.

You are welcome to read more about our faith from my book “I’m Not a Christian,” available at Answers in Genesis, or by visiting my website, Faith Rodgers. 

I hope you enjoy the article.

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