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Faith Hamilton, a British singer and transgender woman, has put up a picture of her husband, singer Jena Williams, on her wedding day.

It is the first of many photographs of her and her husband that are part of a series of portraits by a British artist, Faith Cross, who lives in Manchester.

The artist, who has tattooed more than 30 celebrities and is a regular on British TV, says that he wanted to draw attention to the importance of acceptance and the love of others.

He says that in his new work, “Love is all around us”, he is showing that the love for others is not limited to the boundaries of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.

“I’ve never had a tattoo on my arm, I’m still not sure I like it,” Faith Hamiltons husband told Al Jazeera from their home in Manchester, New Hampshire.

“But I have the right to wear what I like and it’s very important to me that I can feel comfortable and that my friends and family feel safe.”

The couple have three children.

Faith says that she felt compelled to do the work after she was contacted by a woman who wanted to do a portrait of her.

“It was just an absolutely heartbreaking situation, but she was also really nice,” Faith said.

“She gave me a quote of how she had never had an issue with me, that she’s very supportive of me, she’s always been very welcoming of me and she loves me.”

The artist said that he was inspired to do his portraits by the way people in the UK feel about transgender people, and by the stories he has heard from transgender women and people of colour.

“We all have stories like this, it’s not a new thing, and it feels really special to be able to share it,” he said.

The couple has been asked to do more portraits in the future, and hopes to have a permanent tattoo.

“You have to be in a place where you’re really open to it and then you’re able to express it, but you also have to let it go, you know,” Faith explained.

“As soon as you put your finger in your mouth, you can say it’s okay to have that thought.

I don’t think I’ve ever said anything that was really wrong, but it’s always something that needs to be said, it needs to stop, you need to be proud of who you are.”

Faith’s husband said that there are so many ways to celebrate the love and acceptance of others, and he was proud to be a part of the project.

“My hope is that there’s an acceptance of everyone, and that’s why we are all here, to be here, and we’re all here for each other and to love each other, and I just want everyone to be happy and happy and be comfortable in their own skin,” he told Al JA.

“There are so few ways to express love, and when you see a trans person on a tattoo, you’re in love with them.”

The project, called Love is All Around Us, is funded by the United Kingdom government through the Trans Alliance Fund.

It will be exhibited at the British Museum, and featured in the Manchester Contemporary Art Gallery.

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