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It is a tradition among many Hindus that, during the Hindu festival of Diwali, all temples are closed except for the ones belonging to the gods.

As the festival approaches, the Hindu people pray for rain and good weather and the weather becomes worse for those who live in urban areas.

But there is one place where temples are still open.

The people of a village in Uttar Pradesh have decided to make it a community and put it on display.

“People have come up with the idea to display the temple in their village,” said Vinay Kumar, a member of the Kalyan community.

“We were going to put it at a place where the people come to worship and we had planned to go to Kalyans village,” Kumar said.

The Kalyani temple, which is located at a remote village in the state of Uttar Pradesh, has been set up as a public memorial.

The temple has been erected on a plot of land in a village of about 200 people and is set up on a raised platform and on a stone platform with a picture of Lord Shiva standing in front of it.

“It is a beautiful picture.

It is an opportunity for the villagers to show that they belong to this community,” said Kumar.

The villagers of the village, who have been practicing yoga for three years, decided to have the temple put on display and had it displayed at a local temple in the city of Kochi.

“I don’t think the government can do anything about it.

We are Hindus, so we do not accept any discrimination,” said one of the villagers, who did not wish to be named.

“If people want to display it, we will accept it,” he added.

The village’s local head, Bishnu Raja, said that his village has been celebrating Diwalya for a long time and he does not mind the people making such a gesture.

“My family members and the village elders have been doing yoga for years.

The celebrations of the festival are our tradition.

But now we will not make any effort to show our presence in the temple,” said Raja.

According to Kumar, this is the first time that he has seen people celebrating the festival.

“The idea of this temple is to be a part of the people.

This is the community that the people of this village have come to celebrate,” he said.