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A survey of more than 2,000 members of the Catholic faith has found that almost one in five people in Ireland has “some level of doubt” about their faith.

The report, released this week by the Irish Council for the Scientific Research of Religion (ICSR), also found that about one in four people believe in “faith life”, meaning that “beliefs about the afterlife are often regarded as a matter of faith, rather than evidence for or against it”.

This is not the first time that the research has found a significant amount of doubt in the Irish Catholic community.

In the 1980s, the then leader of the church, Bishop Patrick O’Connor, made a statement that he was “in complete denial” about the existence of God.

“We are not a religion, and the belief that we are a religion does not, cannot, nor is it possible to create a world in which God does not exist,” he said.

The statement has been seen as a reference to his beliefs that the Church had no need to believe in a God.

In the last decades, the Irish population has fallen and many have grown weary of the traditional Catholic Church.

This is the third time that this survey has found the Catholic community in doubt.

In 2014, the report found that one in six people in the country believed in the supernatural and that there was “no evidence for God”.

The survey was conducted by the ICSR in the wake of the death of Archbishop Eamon de Valera.

He died of brain cancer in October 2016, aged 89.

A poll by the Catholic church in 2016 found that the number of Catholics had fallen by nearly 25 per cent since 2011.

In 2016, more than one in ten Catholics said they had doubts about their religion.

In 2015, a poll by The Irish Times found that only 17 per cent of Catholics in the US believed in God, with nearly two-thirds saying they did not believe in the existence or reality of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.