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How to Find the Right Church for You

You can search for the church of your dreams by searching for their name or address, and you can then use the “find” function to find more church information.And as with other search features, the more you search, the bigger your results are.That’s where the “Find” button comes in.The Find button shows up as a…

How to build faith with your kids

Faith Hill Academy (HFIA) is a faith-based youth mentoring program that has been offering free summer camps for children from preschool to 12th grade since 2015.As the school’s founder, Grace Hill, explained to me, “It’s about giving back.”

Which faith is the best?

A new poll by the Faith Hill-based FaithGreen Research Institute shows that only 37 percent of evangelicals agree with the statement, “I am a Christian, or that I belong to a Christian denomination.”That is down from 43 percent in 2012.A majority of Christians, 57 percent, say that they are “not affiliated with any particular faith.”More…