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The most powerful religious symbols in the world, according to Bloomberg

By Steve Guttenberg | October 11, 2017 08:56:25The world’s most powerful religions are all about faith, according the world’s largest financial database, which ranks them by how much they have a direct impact on people’s lives.The World Values Survey, which includes a number of religious symbols, including a cross, a prayer symbol, and a Buddhist…

How to Make a Christian Art Show, and How to Save It

Posted by The Hindu The world is awash with beautiful Christian art.They are all so popular because they’re so well-made.But how do you get them into the hands of non-Christians?The answer is simple.A lot of them are designed to appeal to Christians.They can be found on blogs and social media.But they are not necessarily designed…

What do you get when you combine the power of an evangelical preacher and a faith-based diet? A delicious, nutritious meal.

By Faith Bacon Faith Bacon is an author and foodie living in Los Angeles, CA.She writes about health, spirituality, food, and lifestyle for a wide range of publications.Follow Faith on Twitter @FaithBacon