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Why do so many Christians dance?

As I mentioned, I was born into a Christian family in northern California.My parents were devout Catholics, but they were also open about their faith, especially when it came to politics.At my elementary school, we had an annual “faith dance” in which we danced to music and stories from the Bible and the Old Testament,…

Faith Bible Institute launches online classes, book club for atheists

Faith Bible institute announced it would launch an online book club and book club service on Sunday, aiming to help those who are questioning faith find resources for discussion.In a blog post, the group said it had set up an online community on Facebook to offer a place for people to connect with others who…

What’s your religion? Here’s your guide

https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/6k6pzv/what_is_your_religion_here_s_your/ce1w1g0/comments/_4f6l9f/is_anyone_really_interested_in_my_religions_i_am_in/ce4z1k7/comment/ce6t2b4/ source Reddit title Is it true that people in my community were taught to kill gays?article https: //www.youtube.com//embed/0a0q1p2qw0s source Reddit: https://i.imgur.com/​1q8aQf3.jpg article https:/ /www.facebook.com\/pages/Raleigh-Area-Faith-and-Family-Center/10486669498924/10477589146497 article https : //www,facebook.com/pages/North-Carolina-Faith and Family-Center-10495588551599 article https:\ /www,twitter.com\ /​Instagram: @FaithandFamilyCenter

What do faith-based movies have in common?

When you’re talking about faith-filled movies, you’re not talking about the ones that are made in the name of faith.You’re talking, instead, about movies about people’s experiences with faith and faith-related matters.And you’re likely to see some very real, personal stories in these movies.The movie The Help , for example, centers on a group of…

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